The inflammatory acne is a general name for Papule, Pustule, Nodule, Cyst, acne conglobata as well some other rare acne types.

Among the inflammatory acne, the papule is the mild form of acne. The papule usually appears in form of a small bump. The papule have pink color and often can become very tender and sensitive if touched. The first sings of papules should be an alarm to let you know that your acne is not treated properly or the acne medication you are using has lost its efficacy and your acne are transforming from non inflammatory or mild acne into the inflammatory acne.

Next inflammatory acne type is the pustule, which is just like the papule have small and round shape but unlike papules, pustules are inflamed and have visible pus. The pustule have the red color at their base, with yellow and white center. Even Though the pustules don't have much bacteria and the pus has mostly fatty acids of sebum oil, left without proper and effective treatment, pustules will not go away by itself. It will transform to more severe acne types such as Nodule or Cyst.

Types of demodex acne rosacea

Nodule and Cyst are large in appearance and usually painful. This type of acne is severe and inflamed, can have different colors. The inflammation lays deep in the skin filled with pus. When contents of pustule spilled into the skin, our immune system responds and start producing pus creating a nodule. The nodules are not only painful but they can last for weeks and months. If left untreated or the treatment is not effective, the contents of nodules transforms into a deep cyst. Effective treatment of nodules and cysts is very important as they leave behind scars.

Types of demodex acne rosacea

One of the rare and inflammatory acne type known as acne conglobata most often develops on the back, buttocks and sometimes on the chest. This type of acne may also lead to severe bacterial infection therefore it needs immediate medical attention.

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