Forms of Demodex acne on Face Eyes Scalp Body Treatment Options

We often ask ourselves, can Demodectic infection of Eyelids and face lead to development of acne and even post acne black heads? Can sever form of blepharitis cause skin infection which may end up with acne like symptons? To aswer these questions, we need to know few thing about acne:

We all know, that Acne occurs during puberty. Increased male sexual hormone, causes the activity of the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous gland responds to hormonal changes and begins to either reduce or increase of sebum production.

The largest sebaceous glands are concentrated on the forehead, cheeks, the nose, the chin as well as the neck, chest and back. With an increased production of sebum oil, the skin becomes thick and the pores expand. The cells of the dead skin peels and begin to pack tightly the opening of the hair follicles in the form of black dots - comedones or black heads.

Forms of Demodex acne on Face Eyes Scalp Body Treatment

Comedones, black heads or black acne are consist of secretions of the sebaceous glands, keratin, and microorganisms. In particular, the acne bacteria which always live on the skin. As a result of the excess sebum oil the acne bacteria which live mostly around the opening of the follicle, begin to actively proliferate.

The enzymes produced by acne bacteria irritate the hair follicle. As a result of such irritation the blockage of the follicle brakes and dead skin cells (the remnants of vital bacteria) get into the dermis, causing an inflammatory reaction. The dead cells mixed with fat, accumulate in the follicle, forming pus and acne begins appear.

Forms of Demodex acne on Face Eyes Scalp Body Treatment

This period of acne development refers to mild or early form of the disease. As many other skin disorders, acne are best treated in their early forms, therefore, in order to prevent the development of severe acne and scar formation, it is essential to begin treatment of acne as early as possible. Recommended external treatment consisting of popular recipes or creams and ointments containing only natural ingredients. The use of antibiotics, chemicals, or pills and capsules is extremely undesirable due to a number of side effects.

Forms of Demodex acne on Face Eyes Scalp Body Treatment

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