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Acne main cause is a problem of the sebaceous glands which start to produce excessive sebum oil due to change in male hormones. Acne is very much international name and can be recognized as acne in many countries. Acne can be inflammatory and noninflammatory, it is often located on the skin of the face, neck, chest and the back. Rarely acne can affect other parts of the body as well. Acne first begin to appear on the skin around the age 10 - 11 and can continue affecting young people throughout their teen years and right into adulthood.

As hormone level start to change so does respond from sebaceous glands in form of excessive production of skin sebum leading to acne development. Changes in hormone levels leads to various forms of acne. Acne divided according to the form and severity. Mild acne which can be treated easily with just topical formulations ( acne creams, acne ointments) may leave behind red spots which needs to be treated as well. Severe acne such as cysts, nodules if not treated effectively, lead to development of scars which must be treated or removed. Even Though severe acne must be to be treated more aggressively, long use of antibiotics, hormones, chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide cause some side effects. Knowledge of the ingredients in acne products as well as the possible side effects from long use of antibiotics and chemicals will help to choose effective acne treatment and to avoid unwanted side effects from prolonged use of antibiotics and chemicals.

Acne, pimples, zits, blackheads, whiteheads are the most widely used names which are fairly broadly characterize acne forms and degrees of severity. Pimples are a red inflammatory nodules, often painful. Acne is congestion that will occur on the skin surface corking exits from the sebaceous glands. There are few other names for acne, which are not used in every day life but can be heard among skin doctors in dermatology and cosmetology. Common acne or teenage acne, characterized by formation of acne at a relatively young age. Acne conglobata comedonica like acne vulgaris used by dermatologists to describe the forms and degrees of severity of acne.

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