Demodex itchy face treatment

There are many known forms of acne (zits) presented with varying degrees of severity or acne which only affect certain sex and age of people, each of this type of acne have their individual difference.

Acne vulgaris usually appear on the skin around ages 14-17 in girls and 16-19 years in boys. This type of acne is the most common one as it affects more than 80 % of all acne cases. Without effective treatment, acne vulgaris will not go away by itself. It characterized with inflammatory (papules, blackheads) and non-inflammatory components of acne (comedones). The acne vulgaris (zits) located on the face in most cases and rarely on the upper back. In some severe cases, zits may affect the trunk and the upper arms area. This type of zits is found mostly on teens and represent combination of multiple open and closed comedones on the forehead, nose and cheeks. It can easily transform into more severe acne if left untreated with proper medication.

Rosacea demodex red face acne treatment

The timely use of anti zits medication is very essential in successful treatment of zits. Use of the antibiotics and chemicals often prescribed to treat acne have side effects. Among which are weakness of the skins immune system and the development of such skin disorders as rosacea and demodicosis. Use of anti zits creams which contain only natural ingredients is the alternative to acne medicine with chemicals and antibiotics. Natural acne cream made by Ovante is one of the most effective - natural products for treating acne of any severity fast and effectively.

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