Blepharitis Natural Products Effective Treatment

Blepharitis is a nasty eye condition caused by demodex mites. In many cases it will involve a very intense and sore swelling of the eyelid. It is very irritating, since the wound is agitated every time the sufferer blinks. The condition is often chronic with varying degrees of severity. In many cases there is no permanent threat to the vision of the sufferer unless infection sets in.

The eye condition may be very acute, in which case it may be treated quickly and cleared up in around six weeks. This will probably involve medication and a natural eyelid cleaning supplement with demodex mite killing properties. In many cases the condition is chronic and the sufferer has to fight daily battles to remain on top of the problem. Some people may have the condition for two months or two years. There are even an unlucky few who are long-term sufferers, with their condition occurring and reoccurring very frequently over a number of years.

Many people have a lot of success easing the symptoms of demodex infestation (Blepharitis) with tea tree oil. This is because the oil is less dangerous to the eye than sulfur products, and it helps to lower the mites numbers, so the symptoms will become less pronounce. Many people will ease their symptoms through treating their eyelids with tea tree oil, and then using other tea tree oil products on the rest of their body. There are many soaps with tea tree oil in them. They are good for picking off the mites that migrate around the face. There are also natural body washes and shampoos that kill off the mites that have set out in search of a new place to infest.

Another way of easing the symptoms involves sulfur oil. This kills the mites but irritates the skin, so it does ease the symptoms, but it starts by making them a little worse first. It in only when the mite’s numbers begin to shrink substantially that the symptoms ease up.

Steroids are another way of easing the symptoms. They do not kill many mites but they stop your body from reacting so vigorously to the damage they cause. It lowers the swelling and puss production. This does remove a few mites as they will have less to eat, but they will still remain indefinitely if steroids are the only treatment. Plus, steroid use over a long time is very dangerous as it leaves your immune system very weak.

Metronidazole is a gel-like treatment kills the mites. This often eases the symptoms as the mites activity reduces substantially as they fight off the effects of the gel.

A very good and un-irritating hygiene routine will help to reduce the nasty effects of the mites and so ease the symptoms. You must also make sure to keep any moisturizer or makeup away from the eye. Since the mites have been known to feed on that too. Oddly enough, keeping the rest of your body (especially hair) free from demodex mites will ease a persons symptoms. Some scientists believe that this is because the mites move around during the day and regroup in the eye to feed at night.

Neem and Tea tree oils are by far the most effective. They kill the demodex mites which are responsible for the Blepharitis condition and do it in a more passive way. For example, neem oil affects their reproduction, where as tea tree oil is toxic if the mites eat it.

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