Symptoms of Blepharitis and Infection Of Eyelash Follicles.

When people wear contact lenses and are stricken with Blepharitis, they often complain that they are unable to wear their contact lenses for as long as they usually do.

Further symptoms vary from person to person, but if you are suffering from Blepharitis, then you may feel that your eyelids are soar. They often turn a pink or red color, which is usually more intense around the eyelid. In many cases the eyelid will show ulcer like sores which will not heal. Some people have ulcer like areas that bleed. Some people’s sore areas may bleed because the sufferer keeps rubbing his or her eyes. Other people will have their sores bleed because they were unlucky enough to have the mites shear through a very capillary in the eyelid.

Blepharitis is not known for affecting a person’s vision directly, but many people experience indirect problems through the tear film on their eye. The eye is supposed to be lubricated with a film of tears. The tear duct releases a small amount ever time you blink. Blepharitis may affect or interfere with this tear production, which will then make a persons vision fluctuate throughout the day. This is also, why many people say they suffer from very dry eyes in when they are suffering with Blepharitis.

Some people do not have symptoms that are as area intensive as ulcers. Some people will have the whole rim of their eyelid feel sore. Their whole eyelid may swell slightly, producing redness and a warm feeling against the eye.

Blepharitis Eyelids Eyelash Treatment Medicated WipesThe situation is worse for people who are allegoric to demodex mites, as their eyes will also start to darken. It may look as if the person has a black eye. This is what is commonly referred to as “raccoon eye”. It is not actually the demodex mite that the poor sufferer is allergic to. It is more the feces of the mite, which they deposit deep in the pores and eyelash follicles.

Many people will experience a flake like substance appearing around the eye. This is actually the dead and discarded skin that the mites push out of their burrows, combined with your own skin oils. It will often cause the eyelids to stick together. If these wounds become infected, the sufferer will wake up in a morning with their eyelids stuck together. They will have to bath their eyes in warm water in order to open them.

If you think that you may be suffering with Blepharitis, then run out straight away and purchase a natural product to use around your eye, with anti demodex qualities. You must wash your eyes as per the products instructions and then visit your doctor at your earliest convenience.


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