Why my eyes are Itching and burning, i have eyelid redness and discomfort.

Blepharitis is caused mainly by the Demodex mite and/or infection. Sometimes the infection comes first and it attracts the Demodex mite. On other occasions the presence of the mite invites infection through the damage and swelling that the mites cause. In most cases a natural remedy such as neem oil or tea tree oil will solve the problem. The oils kill both the mites and the bacteria, which in most cases will allow the body to regain control and fight back.

The irritation caused by Blepharitis is quite substantial, since it affects the eyelid that moves through the day as we blink. People will often wake up in a morning with dry skin and flakes around their eyelids. In many cases their eyelashes are stuck together and sore.

Seborrhoeic Blepharitis
There is a condition called Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, which affects other part of the body. It can cause Seborrhoeic Blepharitis if it gets anywhere near the eyelids.

Staphylococcal Blepharitis
This is where the eye becomes infected with staphylococcus bacteria. Many people have this infection on their skin already without knowing, in the same way that many people carry the Demodex mite without knowing.

Meibomian gland Blepharitis
There are oil gland that are nested on the inside part of your eyelid. They work with the tear duct to lubricate your eye. When Demodex mites find there way into them they start to breed and cause a lot of damage. This damage makes the eyelid swell and become very uncomfortable. This is very hard to treat because of the location of the infestation.

Eyelash Follicle Blepharitis
There is a species of Demodex mite, which loves to lay its eggs at the base of your eyelash follicle. It can lay up to 25 eggs on one follicle. This spells bad news when they hatch, as the damage they cause is quite substantial. People often have open sores around their eye and lose eyelashes.

In any case of eyelid swelling and suspected Blepharitis, you should seek medical advice immediately. Do not forget that the condition can get a lot worse and leave you in uncomfortable pain for a long time. Worse still it may be a more serious condition.

A thorough hygiene regiment is needed with any form of Blepharitis. A good natural product should be used so that you do not cause any damage to your eye as you clean. Another benefit is that with a natural product you can clean your eye as many times per day that you wish without any side effects. Steroid creams and various antibiotics may be used when the case is serious, but you must remember that the use of these will lower your immune system and create a period when you are healed where the mites are liable to return.

When the interior oil glands are infested with mites then the doctor may recommend that you lie back with moist and warm bags on your eyes until the skin is soft and pliable, and then administer a large dose of eyewash and eye drops.

A Blepharitis sufferer should be very careful so as to clean and treat their eyes properly, as the condition may very easily become chronic. Leaving the poor Blepharitis sufferer in pain for what may turn into years.

Itchy eyelids blepharitis treatment

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