Pictures (images) of Human Demodex shown below are divided into three different types by severity of the disease. Treatment of demodicosis is determined by a doctor depending on the severity of the symptoms. Unlike demodex mange or red mange which affect animals and can cover entire body, human demodex choose to settle only on the facial skin. Not often but the mites can cause troubles in eyelashes, eyebrows and eyelids. This type of infestation called Blepharitis. Human type of demodex mites can also settle on the scalp causing severe itching and hair loss if left without treatment. These areas of demodex infestation need specially made treatments: medicated shampoo for head demodicosis, facial cream to kill the mites of the face and eye lotion to treat demodex on eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows.

First Stage of Demodicosis (Demodex) in Humans shown on pictures (images) below

The the Beginning or First Stage of Demodicosis in Humans is impossible to see with naked eye. Only your doctor can tell if you have demodex mites on the skin. When you visit a dermatologist, ask him to check the skin scraping under a microscope for positive diagnosis. Often the symptoms can tell if you have the mites but when it comes to the first stage of demodicosis, the symptoms and signs may resemble to other skin conditions. Therefore the test for demodex is advised. If you had been diagnosed with demodex and only the facial skin is infected, the beginning stage of human Demodex can be treated with topical cream or lotion. Special facial wash should be used intead of regular soap to avoid over drying of the skin. Use of cosmetics: night creams, moisturizers etc., must be limited or stopped for the duration of the treatment.

    Folliculitis form and natural home remedies for fast effective treatment.

Folliculitis form and natural home remedies for fast effective treatment.

Localized Demodectic Mange shown on images below is considered a Second stage.
of Pets Demodicosis. The second or Localized stage of demodex is more severe one. The symptoms of high number of demodex mites on the skin of your Pet become noticeable without a microscopic analysis. Your dog or cat start loosing small patches of face hair. In some cases a pet can start loosing hair on the trank and on the legs. In order to treat this for of mange you need to continue washing the dog or cat with anti mange - medicated shampoo and start applying especially made topical products: creams or lotions.

         Folliculitis form and natural home remedies for fast effective treatment. 

Folliculitis form and natural home remedies for fast effective treatment.

Generalized Demodectic Mange as seen on images here is considered a Third stage of Demodicosis
The third or Generalized Demodectic Mange is the most severe for of demodex infestation. Usually, it strike older dogs or cats but it can affect younger pets as well. Same as human demodex, mange (pet demodex) caused by suppressed immune system. Use of strong oral antibiotics along with application of topical prescription and/otc medications is necessary to help your pet to fight this stage of demodicosis.

Depending on the severity of the demodex you can choose from different treatments: prescription medications and over the counter remedies which can help to fight back the mites. While treating demodicosis on the face, the eyes or the scalp, keep in mind that the main reason why the mites started to multiply is weak immune system. With this in mind, you should stay away from chemical products as much as possible. Antibiotics and other chemicals as effective as it may be in the short run, can be used for short period of time, as preventative measure to stop the skin infections often caused by the mites. Longer use of antibiotics and hormones can suppress the immune system of the skin and incourage the mites to multiply instead of killing them.

Blepharitin Effective treatment for Blepharitis

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