Best Natural And Most Effective Alternative Treatments for Blepharitis and Itchy Eyes.

Blepharitis involves inflammation of the eyelid, caused by the demodex mite. They infest the eyelash follicles and eat your skin and oil from within. Many cases involve some sort of bacterial infection. If infection does occur, there may be a yellow (and even green) discharge coming out from the eyes. In severe cases, the mites may also migrate to other areas of the face, causing flaky skin, itching and general irritation. Many people experience a migration to the eyebrows, which causes flakey and itchy eyebrows.

There is Anterior Blepharitis and Posterior Blepharitis. Anterior is where the mites get into the eyelash follicles and cause problems. Posterior is when they get into the meibomian glands (oil glands) and cause problems in there. Your eye has oil glands, which help the eye function, in a similar way to how the tear ducts help it function. Some people have one version, but most have both. The degree of severity with Blepharitis varies, but people who receive treatment will very rarely go blind from the infestation.

The symptoms include itching, flaking, burning, redness, swelling, teary eyes and a hot sensation. In the early stages, people often notice a feeling of their being something in their eye, as well as getting dry eyes even though they are not tired.

Your doctor will recommend a daily hygiene routine and will prescribe drugs too. The best weapon against demodex mites in the eyelids is a good hygiene routine, which helps to flush them out. Many people will favor natural treatments. Your doctor may even recommend a few, especially if you have posterior Blepharitis. Eating omega-3 fatty acid supplements and flaxseed oil is a good way to ease the symptoms, and regular treatments with neem oil is also good for killing the mites.

The infected demodex mite infestation is called staphylococcal Blepharitis. This is a very severe version of Blepharitis and often leads to people losing eyelashes, as well as a lot of discomfort and pain. The worst part is that we all must blink, yet a person with severe Blepharitis will be in pain every time they do. Other conditions such as pinkeye are also commonplace with demodex mite infestation, which will require eye drops or a topical cream.

There is a substance called Blepharitin, which has recently been tested and seems to work well on Blepharitis. It is a natural eye lotion that is very good at flushing out the mites without harming the eye.

Your doctor may prescribe a sulfur treatment for your eyes, or the less harmful metronidazole gel. This is applied directly to the eye in order to kill off the mites. In sever cases the doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory or steroid treatment. This is often a last resort when the pain and discomfort of the Blepharitis becomes too much to handle. The sulfur treatments are often very strong, which means they cannot be used regularly. If your doctor suggests a sulfur treatment, you should also enquire about natural product treatments too, as a sort of back up plan, for if the sulfur treatment does not finish the job (so to speak). The gradual reduction in numbers caused by natural treatments is a good counter argument to the all out attack methods of the sulfur treatments.

Effective Treatment For Blepharitis Itchy Eyelids

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