What is blepharitis and where to find best advice on how to treat blepharitis at home?

Blepharitis is an eyelid inflammation condition that is very common. While it may occur on its own, it is sometimes linked to other conditions like acne or dry eyes. In any case, the condition can take two forms; Anterior blepharitis, where it effects the outer part of the eyelid Posterior blepharitis where it effects the inner lid, causing problems with the glands that are responsible for keeping the eye lubricated. Both the types may also occur simultaneously.

Another type is Seborrheic blepharitis that is a result of a skin condition that is responsible for scaling (dandruff). It may also be due to bacteria and fungi, or happen as a result of a weak immune system. Staphylococcal blepharitis is yet another type and can be commonly induced due to bacteria and can have serious effects. It may also be caused by various kinds of viruses. While it causes irritation and redness, the severity of the condition may also cause you to lose your eyelashes. Other infections, like pink eye infection, also tend to occur with blepharitis. If not treated immediately, long-terms effects can include serious conditions like thickened lid margins and ectropion. You may also experience dilated capillaries and trichiasis.

Since it is a common condition, it is often diagnosis by doctors. However, since blepharitis can cause serious burning, dryness, itching and, thus, redness of the eye, it can be rather difficult to find a permanent cure for it. The common treatment suggested by doctors usually includes a schedule of keeping your eye sanitized and trusting the body to make the inflammation go away. Usual scrubs or cleansing products may be recommended to achieve this. Since there is no specific cure, keeping your eyes clean is the key to fading the infection. If the severity is high, however, you may need to take oral medication along with natural cleaning products.

Also, since cleaning is not effectively possible with posterior blepharitis, since it is on the inner side of the eyelid, doctors recommend the intake of proper nutrition. This may include fatty acids like flaxseed oil, which help keeping the eye glands healthy and thus reducing inflammation. Antibiotics may also be suggested by your doctor. These may include oral medication as well as ointments for the eyelid, in case of an external, or anterior, infection.

If you are suffering from Blepharitis, gentle cleansing solutions are what can provide relief. You must also make sure that you avoid detergent or chemical shampoos and other products, thus making sure nothing aggravates the inflammation.

Blepharitis Treatment Cure Natural Products Stop Itching Eyelids

There are many natural treatments to help a person with Blepharitis, but the best ones so far have proven to be neem oil and tea tree oil. They kill the demodex mites which are responsible for the Blepharitis condition, but do it in a more passive way. For example, neem oil affects their reproduction, where as tea tree oil is toxic if the mites eat it.

There is always some form of research being carried out into natural remedies. The most current natural remedy is called Blepharitin. The most recent tests have proved very promising and the all natural eye lotion causes no irritation to the eye. The biggest problem that most eye lotions face is that they have to be mild enough to not harm the eye, but strong enough to kill the mite. Blepharitin seems to have done that.

Blepharitis Treatment Cure Natural Products Stop Itching Eyelids

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