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Demodectic sarcastic (demodex) mange in dogs and cats.

Demodectic or Sarcoptic Mange affects dogs and cats. This skin disorder caused by demodex mange has exclusive symptoms and different stages of severity: First stage of demodectic and sarcoptic mang is called - Localized. When a dog or a cat has just a few small patches of the disease. Fist step in treating localized stage is bathing with your pet with natural anti demodex shampoo. The Dogs n Mites™ Shampoo shampoo helps to loosen up scales, removes oily discharges, and decreases the secondary bacterial infection. One time a day application of Dogs n Mites body lotion, specifically made to help cats and dogs to get rid of sarcoptic mange is necessary. We suggest to apply Ovante anti mange cream at night when demodex mites are more active. Second stage of demodex mange is called - Generalized. When the disease spread throughout your pets body. This is a severe stage of dogs demodicosis and it must be treated more aggressive. We suggest to consult with your doctor before deciding on treatment. Most likely your dog will be put on oral antibiotics for several weeks to months. Keep in mind however that many of dogs anti demodex treatments are chemicals or steroid creams which may suppress the dogs immune system (if used for long time). Weak immune system is one of the main reasons of dogs demodicosis. ANTI MANGE CREAM for dogs along with natural anti mange shampoo can be used as effective, natural alternative to antibiotics and chemicals.

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