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Head demodicosis symptoms treatment

The sebaceous glands are not the only places in human body where Demodectic mites live. This microscopic parasite can be found in the skin pores and hair follicles. The scalp, cheeks, nose, eyebrows and even the roots of eyelashes are places where follicle mites live. The size of demodex folliculorum or as it commonly called "The face mite" is .1mm to .4 mm long. It has worm-like body with tiny claws, and scales. The female may lay up to 25 eggs in one hair follicle. Tipically, your immune system can keep the population under control. But, if the immune system supreses, these critters start to grow uncontrollably causing various skin complications. According to different researches, demodex folliculorum or Demodicids responsible for such skin problems as acne rosacea, various skin irritations and blackheads, it causes the hair loss.

Hair follicle mites demodex treatment shampoo

The symptoms of the demodectic human mites are often similar to other skin conditions. It can resemble to acne rosacea, blackheads or plane skin rush. So, how do i know if i have the "Face mites"? In order to identify the presence of the skin parasites on face or scalp. Only demodex lab test cam show the presence of mites.

Itching, tickling and crawling sensation growing in the evening and continued during the night. Hair loss and itching of the hair of the head. Loss of eyelashes and itching. Itching ears- are among demodex folliculorums symptoms.

While choosing anti demodex treatment, you need to keep in mind that many demodex products made with chemicals. The anti demodex shampoo for instance with chemicals upset the balance of the sebaceous glands, dry up the scalp causing the overproduction of sebum. The antibiotics can suppress your immune system.

Natural, demodex folliculorum shampoo D'modex is isused to treat the scalp demodex. The shampoo eliminates symptoms of demodex, it prevents the face mites from growing. Immediately after application on to the scalp, specially selected ingredients quickly penetrate into the hair follicles killing the mites. Other natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts normalize the metabolism of the scalp. D'modex promotes rapid recovery from hair loss associated with demodex folliculorum.

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