What is the best treatment for folliculitis?

Folliculitis is caused by a large number of things, but one of the most common is simply the damage that hair follicles receive from our clothes. That belt that rubs your waist or the tight mini skirt that rubs your legs. Some people damage and irritate their hair follicles with shaving, or with protective clothing that they wear daily, such as motorcycle helmets.

Folliculitis caused by shaving is done in two ways. One is through bacteria getting into your hair follicles. The blade irritates the hairs as it cuts, which opens up spaces and allows bacteria to enter the hair follicle. It then sets up shop and starts producing lots of little friends. Before you know it, they have infected the hair follicle and a red bump has appeared. The bacterium that gets into the hair follicle is one of the more common skin bacteria, called staph. Quite often, the body will fight off the minor infection within a few days. The other way that Folliculitis may be caused by shaving is through a condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae. This is where the hair is cut but splinters at the end like a little hook. As the hair is curled over, it plugs itself into the skin and starts to grow.

Herpetic Folliculitis is another form of Folliculitis and is caused by the herpes virus. It is often seen as a cold sore or herpes sore on the face and around the genitalia. This is the only form of Folliculitis that is caused by a virus, except for possibly the Eosinophilic Folliculitis, which has a very itchy rash. We are not sure how people get this type of rash; however, we believe it may be the result of a fight between the body and an infecting skin virus. As the virus is defeated, the carnage affects the surrounding skin cells and creates a very itchy rash.

Long-term antibiotic use may cause Folliculitis. The body adjusts and creates conditions that a certain bacteria love. This type of condition is called gram-negative Folliculitis and is often very difficult to treat.

Extended periods of expose to warm and dirty water is liable to cause a Folliculitis condition called pseudomonas Folliculitis. This is a nasty form of Folliculitis that can have a negative affect on the sufferer as long as 72 hours after going in the pool, causing a rash, fever and a loss of energy. Having damp clothes pressed against your skin for an extended period may also cause a Folliculitis condition called tinea barbae. This is where a fungus gets into your hair follicles. It often causes illness and fever if the fungus grows and finds its way into the sufferer’s blood stream.

The many causes of Folliculitis means that there are lots of risks involved. Many medical conditions may bring on Folliculitis. Exposure to hot water or dirty conditions may cause it. Topical corticosteroids are another cause, as is obesity and pre-existing skin condition. Failing that, a little trauma is enough to prompt Folliculitis.

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