Fungal Scalp Fulliculitis And Hair Loss Caused By Demodex Mites.

Fungal folliculitis is a form that is the result of common fungi. The most frequently involved are dermatophytes, Pityrosporum and Candida albicans. Fungal transmission may occur in crowded places such as swimming pools, changing rooms, hot tubs, etc. Candida folliculitis can be particularly severe, the affected areas are usually the face, shoulders and chest. In some cases, severe forms of folliculitis Candida have occurred after prolonged treatment with corticosteroids. One form of fungal folliculitis, which is very relevant from the clinical point of view, is folliculitis Malassezia furfur; its clinical importance lies in the fact that it is often confused with systemic fungal infections such as candidiasis, the sporotrichosi, cryptococcosis or torulopsiasi. The Malassezia furfur folliculitis is more common in young adults and occurs mainly in the upper part of the trunk (torso/body).

The treatment of folliculitis obviously depends on the type of disorder. In the case of the folliculitis being particularly mild, then there is little recourse for the application of detergents and antiseptic chlorhexidine products. A sufferer may also apply creams based on zinc oxide and lanolin. This is often all that is needed. In fact in many cases, simply showering and maintaining a good hygiene routine is all that is needed. For example, folliculitis caused by shaving often clears up on its own.

In severe cases of folliculitis, if the cause is bacteria you have to use a variety of antibiotic treatments dependant upon the folliculitis type. The folliculitis Gram-negative bacteria respond well to treatments with isotretinoin for extended periods.

Eosinophilic folliculitis is generally treated with corticosteroid medications. Treatment of folliculitis decalvans is generally done with immunostimulating treatments and antibiotics. The course of treatment, its strength and length is often judged by the doctor. In many cases the patient is distressed enough to stick to the treatments, since they are likely to have already started losing their hair in the affected area.

The fungal varieties of folliculitis can be treated with antifungal medications either orally or topically. Fungal folliculitis often tends to recur, even after a completed cycle of treatment. On many occasions it is advisable that there be an application of ointments for longer periods of time, including long after the folliculitis has gone away. With fungal folliculitis you should not use antibiotics because they will worsen the problem. Do not forget that a fungus is not like a bacteria or virus. If anything it is closer to being an antibiotic. Your body needs to purge its system of the fungus in its own way. Its first reaction is often to cause a fever in an attempt to denature the fungus with heat. After that the immune system will kick in and make the patient feel tired, groggy and sickly.

In many cases the treatment of fungal folliculitis only begins to work after the body has begun fighting the problem, and because there are very few internal ways we can help, the only thing we can do is treat the exterior problem. This is done with ointments and topical creams.

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