Common Signs of Demodex Rosacea and Its Symptoms That Should Alarm And Send You To See A Doctor.

How do i know if i have rosacea, which rosacea treatment is more effective, how do i treat rosacea, these and many other questions are most common among people who have noticed first signs of rosacea. As we all know, rosacea is very mistirous skin disorder which can come and go for no reason. The symptoms of rosacea can resemble to acne and demodicosis. For this very reason, rosacea often missdiagnosed and treated with anti acne medications.

First and most common signs of rosacea are:

Demodex rosacea treatment face cream medicine

Redness of the face or facial redness can often appear as a sunburn or blush. It tends to become more persistent over time. The facial skin can become very dry, along with burning, stinging and swelling.

The blood vessels become more noticable and enlarged. It starts to look like red lines and may appear on different parts of the face but mostly on the nose and cheeks.

Demodex rosacea treatment face cream medicine Demodex rosacea treatment face cream medicine

Red pimples and bumps known as papules and pustules filled with pus. The red pimples can be inflamed and look very similar to acne. The red patches or plaque are also may be present along with enlarged blood vessels. Unlike in acne, rosacea prone skin does not have the blackheads or comedones.

Majority of rosaceans experiance the eye irritation. The eyes become watery, bloodshot and swollen. The rosacea eye irritation may become severe causing the vision problems.

Severe form of rosacea affects the nose which become enlarged and swollen with bumps. This last stage of rosacea called rhinophyma.

Enlarged Nose.
In severe cases, the nose may become swollen from excess tissue, and small knobby bumps may appear. Known as rhinophyma, this condition affects more men than women. In rare cases, skin thickening or excess tissue may develop in facial areas other than the nose.

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