Rosacea symptoms and stages

Rosacea (acne rosacea) usually affects the cheeks, forehead and the nose, sometimes rosacea can appear on the neck, upper chest and back. In early stages, rosacea appears as red facial flushing, sometimes with red spots and/or enlarged blood vessels. Rosacea's redness of the face may appear for no reason and disappear the same way. The course of the disease lasts many years, therefore the transition from mild stage of rosacea into more severe stages passes almost unnoticed.

Rosacea is divided into three stages:

I. Stage One is the most common for rosacea. In this stage, rosacea characterizes with redness (erythema) which may last for hours or days. The rosacea prone skin become sensitive to different cosmetics and medications.

Rosacea demodex treatment

II. In stage Two, symptoms of rosacea includes the symptoms of stage One along with acne-like symptoms - papules and pustules. In this stage, rosacea often misdiagnosed with acne. However, the acne like pustules and papules are not result of acne bacteria.

Rosacea demodex treatment

III. In stage three, rosaceans have all the symptoms of rosacea stages one and two, along with a deformation of facial features. After progressing of the stage three which may take few years, the facial features become thicker and coarser. It starts to look like acne cysts. Onle very small number of people have the stage three rosacea.

Ocular rosacea demodex treatment

To be sucsessful in rosacea treatment, one must not repeat common errors of many rosaceans and choose safe and effective rosacea treatment. Rosacea creams and ointments are devided into natural rosacea products and rosacea creams and rosacea pills with chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. The common error which most rosaceans have is use of harsh chemicals such as Metrogil, Rozamet, Teracycline, Benzoyl peroxide and others.

Demodex rosacea treatment

Keep in mind that antibiotics and chemicals for rosacea can be used temporary as preventive measure only to reduce the inflammatory process and put rosacea under control. Antibiotics and hormones can not be used longer than 2 - 3 weeks. Longer use of antibiotics and other chemicals in rosacea treatment will have side effects.

Rosacea demodex treatment

Rosacea can not be treated in 2 - 3 weeks. Use of rosacea products with natural ingredients which have no side effects and can be used as long as nessesory is the only way to be successful in rosacea treatment.

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