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Pictures (images) of Scabies below are divided into three different types by level of severity of the skin disease. Presence of scabies must be diagnosed by your doctor. The treatment of scabies is detemined by a physician on the scale of the severety. Unlike Demodex which mostly affects facial skin and scalp or the Blepharitis which always settle on the eyelashes and eyelids, scabies can strike anywhere on the human body. Depending on the severity of scabies (you can see images (pictures) of scabies below) your doctor will prescribe a treatment.

Scabies symptoms does not appear visible right after the infestation. It could take few weeks until person start noticing scabies tracks on the skin and feel the itching. The beginning stage of the disease can be seen under a microscope (see the pictures and images below). Dermatologist can check the skin scraping under a microscope and confirm the diagnosis.


Same as demodex mites, scabies symptoms are accompanied with extreme and on-going itching, at night in particular. One sign to be sure that you have scabies and not demodex is another person in your family with similar symptoms. Unlike demodex, scabies is extremely contagious. It can be passed on to other people in your home.


If demodex mites typically affect adults and can be found mainly on the facial skin, the scalp, the eye lashes and the eye lids, scabies are able to invade adults and children. The scabies are tiny but vicious skin parasites when it comes to choosing areas where it likes to migrate. Various parts of a persons body that include: the elbows, the waistline area, underneath the breasts in women, the genital area, the buttocks, such small areas like between the toes and the fingers are the most typical for scabies infestation. The head, neck, feet and hands can home these insects as well. Most of the human body's folds and crevices can be affected with scabies.


There are different anti scabies treatment options available as well as preventative measures. You should always consult with family doctor and have professional advice on scabies treatment. Prescription products such as Permethrin and Lindane are often used to treat scabies, in severe forms, the oral Ivermectin can be prescribed. To relieve the itching and irritation of scabies, you may take oral antihistamines or apply steroid creams. Soap with 10% sulfur and over the counter products with sulfur are widely available in different forms.

Natural anti Scabies products are made as an alternative to chemicals and antibiotics. Scabiesin™ shampoo and hair conditioner, the Body Mask and the Scabiesin™ body lotion can clear your skin from scabies mites fast. These products were specifically formulated to kill the mites and help your skin to rehabilitate after scabies are gone.

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