Scabies Effective Treatment for Family Kids and Pets.

The fact that scabies mites are contagious and can be passed on to other individuals living in your home including children, makes the treatment of scabies mites complicated. When humans are infected with scabies, it may take a few weeks for the symptoms to appear. During this period the bed and clothes may be already cantaminated with scabies mites. If you noticed symptoms of scabies on your skin: itching, irritation, crawling under the skin etc., you need to give a call to your doctor. Do not try to treat scabies on your own. Treating scabies with natural home remedies without professional advice can create more complications.

There are different
anti scabies treatment options available as well as preventative measures. You should always consult with family doctor and have professional advice on scabies treatment. Prescription products such as Permethrin and Lindane are often used to kill scabies, in severe forms, the oral Ivermectin can be advised. To get relieve from skin itching and irritation, you may take oral antihistamines or apply steroid creams. Soap with 10% sulfur and over the counter products with sulfur are widely available in different forms as scabies killers. However, sulfur is naturaly very drying and can be irritating for the skin so you may want to look for other topical anti scabies cream which don't have this ingredient. Scabiesin™ products are starting to pick up more and more acknowledgment from folks who have tested out the treatment and got rid of scabies.

Scabies Effective Treatment for Family Kids and Pets

 Always Have Professional Advice - Scabies is Contagious

You have to keep in mind that topical antibiotics and steroid medication can not be used more than 3 - 4 weeks. If applied longer, these products suppress the immune system of your skin. Weak immune system is main cause of demodicosis (demodex),another skin problem caused by mites.

Products with sulfur: soaps, creams and lotions irritate and dry the skin. If scabies prone skin gets dried by sulfur, your body start producing more sebum oil (skin fat). Most of the skin parasites: scabies, demodex and others, feed on sebum oil. Therefore, oily skin helps the mites to survive and makes the scabies treatment complicated.

Your home is another part of your anti scabies daily regimen you have to worry about because scabies can spread all over your residence. There are many products available that can help kill scabies in your home.

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