Generally scabies is transmitted by immediate contact with infected individual. As soon as this tiny mite enters the human body, it starts to move around and dig itself into the skin. With length of less that half of millimeter, with eight legs, the female insect begin to deposits eggs. It takes in average ten days for scabies eggs until it hatches and scabies nymphs to grow to be adults.


 #1 Cause of Scabies - Direct Contact

As opposed to demodex mites, scabies could live aside from human body for two three days. It is possible to get scabies from more casual contact such as sharing of shirts or dresses and household bedding. Scabies are infectious even if there are absolutely no symptoms. Theoretically, a person can get scabies from touching another thing with scabies mite on it, but the primary way of transmission is skin-to-skin contact.

Similar to demodex, which has near seventy types of mites , the scabies is no different. Scabies is unable to stay alive for too long removed from human body. Animals and pets: cats, dogs get their very own kind of mites. It is not commonly but possible for people to pick up scabies from a dog or a can by immediate contact. When and If it happens, people with animal scabies may go through a short-term allergic skin response. However people are less likely to suffer severe scabies from this particular type.


 Always Have Professional Advice - Scabies is Contagious

< There are few choices how to treat scabies on your plate. Remember, always consult with your doctor first. There are different treatmnet plans availabe: prescription products such as Permethrin and Lindane, oral Ivermectin can be prescribed. To relieve the itching and irritation from scabies, you may be adviced to take oral antihistamines or apply steroid creams. Soap with 10% sulfur and over the counter products with sulfur are widely available in different forms.

Keep in mind that antibiotics, steroid medication and other chemical products should not be used more than 3 - 4 weeks. If used longer, these products can affect the immune system of your skin. Weak immune system is main cause of demodicosis (demodex), another skin problem caused by mites. Your doctor can tell you how long the steroids and the antibiotics can be used for to avoid the side effects.

Products with sulfur: soaps, creams and lotions irritate and dry the skin. If scabies prone skin gets dried by sulfur, your body start producing more sebum oil (skin fat). Most of the skin parasites: scabies, demodex and others, feed on sebum oil. Therefore, oily skin helps the mites to survive and makes the scabies treatment complicated.

Scabiesin™ topical products are free of steroids, antibiotics and sulfur. Specifically selected, widely recognized for their soothing and anti-scabies properties oils kill scabies without drying and irritating the skin. Herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals provide energy, boosting the immune system and help to heal scabies prone skin.


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