What is scabies, how to kill skin parasites.

Scabies is transmittable deseas caused by scabieri skin mite. This microscopic parasite can attack people of different ages. As opposed to demodex mites constantly living on our skin and inside hair follicles, scabies is passed on to by skin-to-skin contact from infected person. 

The length of scabies is one third of a millimeter. A person can only see this "invisible" skin mite under the microscope. If demodex mites go deep inside skin pores, scabies crawl beneath the surface of the skin to feed and to lay eggs. It can easily stay without human body for approximately two days. Scabies can endure very low temperatures. The insects are parasitic, it exists off human blood and causes unbearable - intense skin itching as one of the signs and symptoms.

Scabies treatment home products kill parasites  

The disease is very contagious, with allergic nature, in form of a skin rash. Unlike other disorders caused by skin mites, the scabies rash does not appear after the infestation for a while. It usually takes few weeks for first scabies symptoms to show up. There is one exception: if a human was infected with scabies mites before, the immune system responds to second infection much faster. These skin insects can be restricted in small places of human body or the mites can be wide-spread. If left without effective treatment, scabies can advance to severe form: The Norwegian scabies.

If you have scabies, there are different treatments available from prescription meds to natural and home made remedies. Your first step before starting the treatment is a visit to dermatologist or a family doctor. You should always consult with family doctor and have professional advice on how to treat scabies. Prescription products such as Permethrin and Lindane are often used, if your skin condition is in severe form, the oral Ivermectin can be prescribed. To relieve the itching and irritation of scabies, you may take oral antihistamines or apply steroid creams. Soap with 10% sulfur and over the counter products with sulfur are widely available in different forms.

You need to keep in mindhowever that topical antibiotics and ointments with steroids have side effects and should not be used for long time. To avoid the side effects caused by chemicals, it must be used under supervision of your doctor for 3 - 4 weeks. If applied longer, these products start suppressing the immune system of your skin. Weak immune system can lead to demodicosis (demodex), another mighty skin parasite that can cause resembeled to scabies symptoms. The difference between scabies and the demodex is that demodex mites only settle on the facial skin, on the eyelashes, the eyelids, the eyebrows and the scalp causing ubbearable itching and irritation. Whereas Scabies, can set its colonies anywhere on human body (even on the scalp and on the face).

You will find among natural - alternative treatments, products with sulfur (Latin.Sulphur). Anti scabies soaps, creams and lotions are widely advertised as the only safe and effective way to erradicate the mites from your skin. Sulfur may a good scabies killer but in reality, sulphur is extremely drying and irritating to the skin. One of the reason why anti scabies products with sulfur fails to get rid of these skin parasites is because your body starts producing excesive amount of sebum (skin fat). Sebaceous glands must respond to substantial lost of skin sebum caused by sulfur which most people apply two three times a day. When skin gets dried by sulfur, your body start producing more sebum oil. Most of the skin parasites: scabies, demodex and others, feed on sebum oil. Therefore, oily skin helps the mites to survive and makes the scabies treatment much more complicated.

Scabiesin™ topical products are free of steroids, antibiotics and sulfur. Specifically selected, widely recognized for their soothing and anti-scabies properties oils kill scabies without drying and irritating the skin. Herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals provide energy, boosting the immune system and help to heal scabies prone skin.

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