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How to inject collagen to melt scars and remove post demodex acne pimples and dark spots on face.

Post acne cars are formed as a result of the recovery process of the skin tissues that was destroyed during the acne inflammatory process. Depending on the duration of acne treatment and the inflammatory process which are individually different the scars are formed in different shapes and types. As we all know, the main reason for scarring are severe forms of acne such as nodules and cysts. It is possible to avoid acne scarring with use of effective acne medication. But there are few other reasons that scars can not be avoided. Post surgical scars, scars after burns, animal bites scars, scars after chickenpox and few other rare reasons.

Despite the fact that our body copes with the regeneration of the skin cells which were destroyed during the inflammatory process and new tissue fills the cavity left after the pus, the appearance of it is different from the normal skin. In other words, the scar tissue look different than normal skin, therefore, depending on many factors the scars are divided into: Normotrophic scars, Atrophic scars, Hypertrophic scars and Keloids.

The collagen injections are some times used as an option in cosmetic surgery in order to remove scars. The use of collagen in the treatment (removal) of scars and scar formation has its drawbacks. The collagen is often poorly observed by the skin, so after the injection there may be complications such as thickening of the skin at the injection of collagen, inflammation, high fever, etc. One must remember that collagen injections not remove scars. Collagen usually resolves within 6 - 9 months.

Topical use of creams with vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective ways to restore the scar tissue.

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