Scars dermabration

Dermabrasion or Micro-Dermabrasion are surgical procedures were physician tries to make scars less noticeable by sanding them down with hand held device. The device has metal wheel with rough surface. When the wheel spins, he physician moves the spinning wheel over the scar slowly wearing it away. The dermabrasion must be performed under local anesthesia which usually injected into the scar tissue. After the dermabration, the skin looks and fills like a burn with red color. The wounds left after the dermabration take several weeks to heal.

Unfortunately, the dermabrasion does not remove the scars. This procedure can only reconstruct the topography of the skin in the area of and around the scar and make the scars less noticeable. As with any surgical or mechanical damage to the skin, dermabrasion may have negative side effects. In particular, some people with dark skin after dermabrasion may have permanent spots.

There is a possibility of bacterial skin infection. The cost of dermadration is another drawback. Some type of scars can regrow recently removed tissue in matter of few month. The skin that has just been dermabraded may look darker or lighter than the skin around scars. This change of skin color be permanent. There is no guarantee that the procedure will not end up making you look worse.

Safe and most effective way to get rid of post acne scars is topical use of vitamin C. When applied directly on to the scar more collagen will start forming and normal collagen that is often found tethering scars will be replaced with normal collagen and the scars will fill up to a degree and become less and less noticeable, finally disappearing. Vitamin C is important for producing collagen in the body. You can learn more about how to treat post acne scars without the dermabration here.

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