Type Of Scars On Face And Body Left After Demodex Gone.

Waiting for scars to finish its formation is not what every one who had scars should do. Timely application of topical anti scar creams will help to regenerate skin cells and restore the skin tissue. However, if time has passed and scars had completed the formation process, than it will be helpful to know what type if scars you have. Scars are not all a like due to the way each of them was formed.

Scars after acne are divided into atrophic scars which are located below the level of the skin, scars normotroficheskie - located at the level of the skin and hypertrophic scars - located above the level of the skin. There is also keloid scars - which are a special type of scar tissue. Poor wound healing, acne, pimples, burns, surgical procedures, tattoo removal leads to scarring and scarring.

Normotrophic scars - typically occur when the normal reaction of the connective tissue at the injury, have a flat appearance they have bright color. By elasticity the Normotrophic scars are almost similar to normal tissue of the skin.

Atrophic scars - scars which form from the reduced reaction of connective tissue at the injury. Resulting in a lack of collagen. Atrophic scars are situated below the skin.

Hypertrophic scars forms from the excess production of collagen which is not absorbed fully. Hypertrophic scars are located above the surface of the skin.

Keloids - develop as a consequence of distorted tissue reactions to trauma. Keloids have an elastic texture, they are uneven with slightly wrinkled surface, located significantly above the surface of the skin. Sometimes it can resemble a wart. Keloid scars are constantly growing, their growth can be accompanied by itching, burning and pain.

The use of vitamin C or ascorbic acid has been successfully used as treatment of scars. Natural anti scar cream MELT is made with only natural ingredients and it widely used for treatment of scars. To learn more about this anti scar natural cream here.

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