Detoxify your skin to help treatment of demodex affected skin

The skin is the largest organ of your body and is considered to act as a third lung, absorbing from the environment and perspiring waste into the air. The normal function of the skin is to exhale gases, sweat water and certain toxic salty substances. The skin also secretes sebum from the sebum glands which maintains the elasticity of the skin and hair. The last but not least, the skin is meant to protect the inner body.

Demodex Mites Human Detox for Body and Face Help Kill Mites

    The skin accumulates toxins from inside and outside the body. The environmental pollutants, UV rays and chemicals from your personal care are as dangerous as the toxins generated from inside. For example, UV rays can generate an increase level of reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species in cells which will result in oxidative damage to lipids, proteins and DNA. This is one of the reasons why UV rays can induced skin cancer. Chemicals can induce oxidation of lipids and other cell compounds which ultimately generate free radicals. In addition, petrochemical derivatives from your regular skin care products, suffocate the skin and it cannot breath properly. These derivatives are foreign for the body and are very difficult to eliminate. They accumulate in the body and can trigger poorly maintain cell equilibrium that can lead to degenerative processes associated with premature aging, inflammation, different skin ailments including cancer.

    Internal toxin waste can come from an improper diet balance, accelerated fat burning due to weight loss and exaggerated physical activity and a prolong stress stage.

    There are several ways to maintain a proper skin cell balance.

    The skin needs to properly breathing through its pores. Therefore regular face cleansing is essential to cleanse the skin from its toxins and open pores to eliminate more. Use natural and mild cleanser with balanced pH to avoid bacteria growing and relapse of the skin barrier.

    Saunas, sweats, face herbs steam can be used to help purify the body and skin from toxins through pore elimination.

    •  Demodex Ovante Treatment Body Face Mites

    Makeup can obstruct the pores making toxin elimination very difficult. You should consider not using your usual makeup at least a day week. You can use gentle dry brush and mechanical peeling on your face to cleanse the skin of old cells and invigorate it.

    Clay masks are powerful detoxifying agents. They neutralize the free radicals present onto the skin due to UV rays, environmental pollutants and internal stress and support skin nurturing with their minerals.

    Try to use natural creams that have a wide range of antioxidants on their formulations such as vitamin C, E and beta carotene, selenium, glutathione, proanthocyanidins.

    For all the above procedures add the drinking of 6-8 cups of water every day.

    During the detoxification program the cell’s vital processes are increased, the skin’s toxins are cleared up, the cells start to rebalance their metabolic activities, the oxido-reduction processes are normal and the cells have the power to heal themselves.

    In conclusion: skin detoxification is as important as internal body detoxification. This is not a one time process. This practice has to be used frequently to provide skin protection and enhance skin health. It also reduces the possibility of skin diseases later on.

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