The demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis mites are skin tiny – microscopic parasites. Most of the time, these mites stay in the roots of hair follicles and deep inside sebaceous glands of humans and animals. Almost all house pets have the mites, mostly affecting dogs than cats.

 Demodex folliculorum is the longest of the two species of mites that affect humans. Mostly this type of parasites stay in hair follicles. The demodex brevis is much shorter and it usually stays inside of the sebaceous glands.

 Under microscope, demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis look like it made out of glass, they are clear. The mites are clear and glass like. These skin parasites live about 15 days. During the day both types of mites stay deep inside hair follicles. At night, these mites come up to the  skin’s surface to breed and reproduce. Going back to lay eggs.

 There are different ways to treat human demodex. In the average, it can take from three to five month with intense therapy to entirely eliminate and clear the skin from mites. You need to keep in mind though, even after mites are eliminated, the skin needs to be rejuvenation mostly with topical vitamin C.

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