Which one should I use on my eyebrows, demodex control crema or eyes n mites? If you say the cream, please inform me as to why and why not the other way around or vice versa. How long should I use the products for a minimun? Can I also use the shampoo and conditioner on my beard and eyebrows to regain hair, unclog pores and get rid of dead skin cells? Will I have to use these products for life in order to get rid of the symptoms or do a maintenence? How is the maintenence?

Hello and thank you for the Demodex related questions.

1. Demodex Control (Demodex Control) cream is for facial skin, it can not be used on or around the eyes.

If it gets into the eyes, do not rinse it with water, you can pat dry the eye area with clean towel or a napkin. If you have demodex on the eye lashes, eyelids and or eyebrows, you need to use the Eys n Mites lotion. The instructions on how to apply this product can be found on our web site.

2. Skin irritation, redness and itching…are common symptoms caused my demodex mites, normally subside within first few days of treatment however you should not stop using the product even if these symptoms are completely gone. The length of treatment varies and can last from 3 week to 3 month, depending on the severity of your demodex.

3. Yes, you can use Demodex Control shampoo and medicated hair conditioner on your beard, facial skin to unclog the skin pores and wash the mites away.

In best scenario (if you got the mites under control within first 2 – 3 weeks and don’t feel any symptoms) – you should continue to use the products for another two month for maintenance.

Please don’t hesitate to write if you have any other questions

Demodex solutions natural cream to control mites

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