Demodex folliculorum caused rosacea and fungus of eyelids and eyelashes.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on my skin issues and from what I can determine, I may have a combination of stage 2 rosacea, a systemic yeast/fungal problem that is also perhaps growing on my face and in my sinus cavities (sinusitis). I had assumed I had demodex as well because once I started using the Rosacea and Eyes-n-mites products I could feel something crawling under my eyelids. I don’t feel the demodex anywhere else (crawling or biting) but at night I do feel little tickles or flutters at the corners of my mouth, around my nostrils, eyes, which I think is the fungus.

I first purchased your rosacea line of products after researching rosacea treatments which had become significantly worse for me over the past few months. This was before I had any suspicion of yeast/fungus or demodex. I used and liked the products and from the reaction it seems that I had an underlying yeast problem (the products left my skin dry and flakey and with red bumps that were very itchy). Assuming the yeast/fungus was systemic (based on other problems I’m having) I started an intense fungus/parasite colon cleanse. I’ve been on it for 11 days so far.

I had used up all of the rosacea products and there was no significant difference in my skin’s condition below my eye level (my forehead, which was less affected did improve) so I switched over to the demodex skin care line. I’ve been using and liking those products as well, but it seems that the demodex – or whatever the problem is – is just moving around my face, as I have the same reaction as I did with the rosacea products, without the flaking. It appears there is no "die off" and I still have large itchy red bumps.

Also, I use the Eyes-n-Mites every other night or so for 3+ weeks and there has been little change in the "crawling movement" under my eyelids at night. The solution has always burned my eyes significantly and I’m starting to think that the burning is from a reaction to a yeast/fungus that might be growing. I am also suspecting parasites, if the Eyes-n-mites isn’t isn’t eliminating demodex. So what is crawling?

My question – as I continue my colon cleanse (which could continue for another couple of  months) should I focus on eliminating the fungus or the demodex? And treat the rosacea last?

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