Demodex control cream used with face wash from Ovante to control demodicosis.

Hi. I just purchased Demodex ControlCream because I have Demodex mites that have caused rosacea, acne, etc. I then noticed that the Ovante Rosacea Cream is very similar, did I buy the right one?

I received Demodex Controland have tested it for the first time on my chin, per your recommendation. As far as regular use, once I do a few more testing, can i wear an SPF over this cream? It seems 2-3x/day is the recommendation so my guess would be i should go with out SPF? I currently wear a very natural version of spf (i hope the demodex don’t enjoy it:) ) But speaking of sunscreen, how can i get samples of Ovante SPF 15 and 35; i noticed the latter has zinc as an active sunscreen ingredient, but what does the 15 have? I also noticed it is unavailable.

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