Symptoms of demodectic mange in dogs and puppies and effective treatment.

Excessive scratching and hair loss of your dog, could be the first symptoms of demodectic mange, . condition caused by tiny skin mite. Generally, this microscopic parasite is harmless. Healthy dogs don’t show signs of demodectic mange – large number of mites. The immune system of your dog can control the population of these skin buggers. Some of the mites are contagious and easily transmitted to humans, others can only survive on animal host.

When it comes to treatment of demodectic mange, first step you should make is to show your dog to a veterinarian.

There are many different skin mites that can cause similar to demodex mange condition: scratching, hair loss of your dog. With a simple test, the veterinarian can tell if your dog has mange or other skin problem. If your dog tests mange positive, the treatment will be prescribed.

Same as human demodicosis, demodectic mange needs topical treatment to be applied on to affected areas. Besides the cream and skin lotion, daily use of medicated demodectic mange shampoo is necessary as well. If you caught mange on time and the disease is still in the developing stage, the Benzoyl peroxide, Ivermectin and Milbemycin oxide may be prescribed to stop the mites from spreading on to other parts of dogs body. If your dog has severe stage of demodectic mange and the skin mites is not localized anymore, your vet can prescribe antibiotics.

If you choose to treat demodectic mange with antibiotics and chemicals, ask your doctor about possible side effects and how long you should use antibiotics before it starts to affect the immune system of your dog. Keep in mind that suppressed immune system is the main cause of demodex mange. You need to be careful and use antibiotics in severe cases if the dog develops secondary infection from scratching at the affected areas where these skin bugs are burrowed.

Demodex Mange Treatment

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