Demodex caused rosacea most common symptoms.

I have rosacea, large pores, dry clogged and congested skin and I cannot find a cleanser that is gentle enough on my rosacea but also breaks thru the layer of dead skin build up I experience on a daily basis. I wear very little makeup, just a touch of concealer on some red blemishes and dont want to double cleanse as it irritates my skin.

I feel in some way its demodex infestation but havent had that determined by a derm yet but something is going on that every night I have to go around my entire face and pull dead hardened sebum out of every pore. What cleanser would you suggest and other products? Applying a cream to my congested chin area freaks me out because it clogs with everything Ive tried there. Oils are the worst by the way. Can you help me? My skin is a disgusting mess.

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