What is Demodex And Is It possible To Kill Mites Completely Or It Is Impossible To Defeat Demodex.

What is demodex (demodicosis) and what anti demodex treatments available for you?

Demodex is a tiny skin bug. It can be found in humans and animals. Almost every human have demodex mites on the skin. The immune system keeps the number of this skin mite under control. Because of this, people don’t know about demodex. When our body changes as we get older so does the body’s immune system. Aside from common changes affecting our body, the antibiotics, chemicals and hormones we take to treat other illnesses affect the body’s defense mechanism as well. When immune system stop controlling demodex, these tiny skin insects become much more aggressive and start to mate with out control. If left without treatment and effective care, uncontrolled growth of demodex bugs leads to demodicosis.

When and if it happens, the infected individuals begin to noticing so called: demodex symptoms and signs on the skin, which can look and feel like other skin conditions, similar to acne, rosacea or blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelash follicles). You should not try to cure demodex without visiting your doctor first.

The treatment of demodex and cure of post demodex skin will not be accomplished without a healthy diet. Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid, helps to promote healthy skin and strengthen the immune system. Most people know how important vitamin C can be for strengthening immunity. In case of demodicosis, where immune system of your skin is weak, use of natural anti demodex products is more effective than use of antibiotics.

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