The face hairs are exempt from Demodex mite infestation. The eyebrows and lashes also may have small microorganisms that live in the hair follicles and these are called Eyelid mites. The firt and common symptoms of demodex infecstation are the appearance of flakes like flakes, itchy eyes and some hair fall. This cases does not always require medication, but there are methods to lower the infestation of Demodex mites, especially when the problem gets out of control.

There are instances of an increase of the Eyelid mites in the lashes which can cases blepharitis, which induces an inflammatory reaction of edges of the eyelid. This eye disorder is very bothersome due to itchiness of the eye area and the sensation of having a thing in your eye all the time. If not addressed, that eye itself may get infected because the individual can not help but scrub it resulting in the dirt from their hands to contaminate the eye.

Demodex parasites feed on dead skin cells. Having oily skin, over exposure to the sun light, wearing heavy cosmetics or sharing sponges and makeup brushes with other individuals are the typical ways of passing Demodex mites to another person. It make the face a feeding field for demodex mites and help them to survive on human skin.

To remedy the demodex caused disorder, always wash your face with a light cleanser. Strong – chemical based cleaning lotions, washes and soaps can dry your facial skin. Dryness of the skin triggers an excessive production of sebum oil which is the main source of food for Eyelid demodex mites. Once or twice a week of gentle exfoliation can help prevent these mites from succeeding since you are taking away their resource of food. Additionally, a mild moisturizer following every wash will reduce the dehydrating of your skin. This will significantly reduce the amount of dead skin bacteria on your face. When going out in the sun, put on some sun screen to safeguard your skin from damage and dryness.

If cleansing and exfoliating with medicated cleansers show to be unproductive, it is advised to speak with your doctor since the infestation of Demodex or eyelid mites may have developed to a much more severe form. Your doctor may prescribe permethrin or crotamiton. These are lotions that are applied straight on the infected area.

Besides eyes, demodex folliculorum can infect other parts of facial skin and scalp. Treating demodex with chemicals is proven to be less effective method. Chemical based creams, lotions are harsh for facial skin.

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