Demodex mites affecting humans and mange parasites pets

Demodex mites live on the skin of most people and animals. Feeding with the secretion of sebum produced by sebaceous glands , these tiny bugs lay low and deep in hair follicles causing no troubles. Your immune system controls the number of demodex mites, keeping the population low, so it won’t cause any harm to your skin. For demodex, the face is the most affected part of human body, therefore, it is often called: skin or face mites.

People with healthy immune system are not familiar and don’t know about the facial mites. Most of us live life time without even noticing the presence of these parasites on our skin. Unfortunately, as we age so is our immune system. There are many reasons why your immune system weakens: prolonged use of antibiotics, recovering from long illness, aging, bad diet, use of bad cosmetics. Every case of immune suppression is different. But, we know for certain, if and when your immune system weakens, the demodex mites starts growing its population, leading to skin infection. Uncontrolled increase of demodex mites on your skin is called demodicosis. The symptoms of the disease may resemble to acne and rosacea. These skin parasites are very small therefore you will need demodex test. Only test can show if you have the demodicosis.

If the results of the demodex test are positive and it found large number of mites on your skin then you need to begin immediate treatment. Keeping in mind that the mites are able to move (crawl) on the surface of the skin, especially in the evening and night hours, possibility of infestation of other parts of your body can not be eliminated. If you discovered first signs of the disease on the wings of your nose or chin, do not exclude the possibility that, over time, demodex mites can settle around the eyes, affecting the eyebrows (eyebrow mites) and eyelashes (eyelash mites). These facial mites can be found in the ear canals and on the scalp. These parts of human body identified as the high risk for demodicosis.

There are many ways how you can kill the mites, eliminate the infection and treat the disease. Antibiotics, over the counter products, home made remedies are available. So how do you treat demodicosis and eradicate the mites from your skin? Even though antibiotics are know as efficient anti bacteriasl and common sense tells you to use it, there are few reasons why, you should say “No” to antibiotics. First, you need to remember that demodicosis is not only skin infection even though it may look like acne or rosacea. Demodex mites are living creatures, it hides deep in hair follicles and in sebaceous glands. Antibiotics are targeting bacterial infections caused by demodex and not the mites itself. Even if antibiotic succeed in illuminating the infection, it won’t kill the skin mites. The second reason why you should say “No” to antibiotics as anti demodex treatment is the time frame. You see, antibiotics can not be used for long time. Three to four weeks are the most. After that, it will start to weaken your immune system and if you use antibiotics longer, it will start inflicting internal problems, causing troubles to your stomach, liver and kidney.

It takes time to treat demodicosis and put the demodex mites back under control. This is why you need to use natural anti demodex products. In contrary to antibiotics, the organic, natural or green products are safe, it has very little or no side effects, it boost the immune system, and kills the demodex mites.

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