Dog mange cream, shampoo and spray with tea tree oil to kill mites and stop itching.

How to treat dog mange is one of the questions, us, dog owners have to face when our pets show first signs and symptoms of demodex mites. In order to find best answer and to choose proper anti mange medication, you need to know the reason why and how your pet develops demodicosis.

One of the main reason for dog mange mites to cause this skin problem is suppressed immune system. Just like us humans, dogs, cats and other pets can be affected by demodectic mites at any time. Weak immune system of your dog, caused by prolonged illness, ageing, use of harsh medication help demodectic mange to increase population. These skin mites, always live on the skin of your dog, feeding and breeding deep inside the hair follicles. Healthy dogs show no signs of demodex mange. It is impossible to see the demodectic mites without a microscope. Visual signs and symptoms of demodictic mange in dogs may resemble to other skin disorders. Therefore, your first step is visit to your veterinarian for a demodex mange skin test.

There are several treatment options for mange available. Some of the anti demodex medications consist of harsh chemicals, steroids which can weaken your dogs immune system. If you choose this path, keep in mind that suppressed immune system allow demodex mites to breed and expand its colonies. Antibiotics are good but as temporary measure and should be used in order to eradicate and prevent the skin infection caused by mange mites from spreading to other areas of dogs body.

Itching Dog demodex mange treatment shampoo

Natural anti mange remedies may take longer to show the signs of improvement but it can be used as long as necessary because most of the natural demodex treatments have no side effects. It was specifically formulated to help dogs to control and get rid of demodectic mange mites. The shampoo helps to eliminate symptoms of dog’s mange, it prevents the mites from breeding. The vitamins and minerals in Digs n Mites shampoo help to restore the immune system of your dog.

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