I have a question in relation to the use of the demodex shampoo. I have
recently (innthe last week) started using it and I have noticed a
difference, it feels like it is working, however it also feels like it
is aggravating the demodex, as the biting and crawling sensations
seems to be more intense sometimes. Am I doing something wrong or is
this normal? Also, I am contemplating using your night cream/oil for
my scalp, will this accelerate my healing?
I look forward to your response.

Demodex Control™ shampoo is very effective when it comes to treatment of mild to moderate scalp demodicosis. Usualy (if used as seggested) there is no side effects. However, if you use the shampoo more than suggested, you may start to experiance aggravating symptoms as you described in your question. Over use, may simply aggravate your scalp and cause more itchiness and irritation.

Use shampoo as dirrected: you may start to use it twice a day (morning – evening) for 3 – 5 days, after that, you should start using the shampoo just once a day (before bed). The length of treatment depends on the severity of your demodex. You can help (speed up the treatment) by adding medicated hair conditioner Demodex Control as well as Demodex Night Solution which you need to apply at night on to your scalp after shampooing and conditioning.

In your case (when biting and crawling) intensified – take one day break and start to use the shampoo once a day (at night). Often, people trying to get rid of the mites faster by using Demodex Control products more often. It is wrong. It takes time to get rid of demodex and the symptoms.

Demodex treatment for humans oust mites natural solution

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