Itchy back is it Demodex or Scabies?

If you have dry patches on the skin which are very itchy, you may have scabies. The skin infection caused by skin mite called scabiei. This tiny parasite can cause skin itch. Scabies is contagious, it can be transmitted to other humans. If you notice Dry itchy patches on the skin, please, see your doctor right away.

What is scabies and how people get scabies?

The the signs of scabies might look like to demodex (demodicosis) the skin problem triggered by demodex mites: red papules, skin break outs, irritation are quite identical to demodicosis. Going to your family physician and have your self screened for demodex mites is necessary once you notice the dermatitis like symptoms on the skin.

The visible difference between demodex and scabies could be the parts of the body which both of these skin mites focus on. If demodex generally appears on the face, eyelashes, eyebrows and the head. The scabies tend to be more often on the armpits, the genital area, within the elbow or back of the knee. Generally if the skin itchiness caused by demodex mites elevates during the night and may stop during the day. The scabies itch is neverending.

Earliest the signs of scabies must alarm you. Since scabies signs and symptoms have allergic character, if left without treatment and medication, the scabies can couse more problems to your skin.

Fortunately, scabies can be cured. You can find various prescription and otc anti scabies medicines. While you are treating scabies and getting rid of the skin rash caused by the mites, you must know that some anti scabies prescribed products are very toxic. If used for long time, it can create more skin problems. Always ask your doctor about possible sude effects.

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