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How to get rid of the Lash mites and stop itching of the Eyelids.

Loss of eyelashes, watery eyes, itching, burning and irritation of the eyes could be signs and symptoms of Lash demodex mites. Almost every human being have these tiny skin parasites. Generaly, eyelash mites are harmless. It spends live inside hair follicles and the skin pores. The female skin mites lay eggs, after 2 – 3 days the eggs hatches. The life span of Eyelash mites is 2 – 3 weeks. While alive and active, the mites eat sebum oil and often cosmetics that women wear on eyelashes. This is one of the reasons why, women are more affected by demodex mites. Especially when cosmetics: mascara and eyeliner are not thoroughly removed.

Elderly men and women are at risk to get the eyelash mites. The children have lesser chances due to a minimum sebum production and stronger immune system. Individuals with weak immune system, can also be at risk of getting the eyelash mite.

Although small number of eyelash mites can not cause major health problems, the symptoms and signs mentioned above needs to be addressed to your doctor. Eyelash mites and demodex in general does can not increase population without a reason. Substantial increase in number of eyelash mites called demodicosis. Eyelash itching and eye irritation are distinguished signs of demodicosis.

Ignoring the symptoms of eyelash mites and avoiding the treatment can lead to loss of eyelashes. There are different treatments available. If the symptoms of eyelash mites will be left without treatment, the infestation may result in demodectic conjunctivitis or blepharitis.

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