How to reduce swelling of the eyelids and stop itching caused by demodex face bugs.

Bugs on eyelids (demodex) are tiny skin parasites that live in skin pores of the eyelids. This microscopic skin parasite can be found in humans and animals. There are many different species of demodex but only three can survive on human skin. It can be found in different body parts. Eyelids is not exception.

The eyelid bugs live in or near the eye area, it can go inside the skin pores. The size of an adult skin bug just 0.3 mm – 0.4mm. This human parasite have good digestive system, the bug eats sebum oil and cosmetic products that people use on the eyelids. The mites don’t like the sun light and active at night. This is why, people with eyelid bugs experience more eye itching and burning during evening hours and at night.

Female eyelid bugs are smaller than males, it can lay eggs deep inside the skin pores of the eyelids. New baby bugs are born in 3-4 days, the old bugs die decomposing in the skin pores. Increased number of demodex requires treatment. If left untreated, these parasites will multiply without control causing infection of the eyelids.

The symptoms of eyelid bugs can resemble to other skin problems. It is important that you see the doctor first. Eyelid bugs are microscopic skin parasites. With simple test, your doctor can tell if you have bugs on the eyelids.

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