Two steps program of natural products with fumaric acid for treatment and control of psoriasis.

The problem with psoriasis is that there is relief but no permanent cure available. Modern science does not know exactly what causes this skin condition, even though it was associated with allergies, arthritis, and various dietary and metabolic factors. There are many topical treatments available for those who have psoriasis. Treatments made with chemicals, antibitics, hormone therapies and treatments based on all natural ingredients.

There is an increased evidence that fumaric acid might help to keep psoriasis under control. This treatment involves the use of fumaric acid ester, commonly used in the food industry as a food additive in place of citric acid. In healthy individuals, fumaric acid is formed in the skin when it’s exposed to sunlight. People with psoriasis appear to have a biochemical defect that requires prolonged exposure to the sun to produce it. Fumaric acid ester capsules have been used in clinical trials in Switzerland and the Netherlands with excellent results. In a recent study, 80 percent of the 285 patients involved reported marked improvement, and 52 percent of those patients were completely cleared of psoriatic lesions.

Treatment of psoriasis with fumaric acid is a long process it might take up to three months before one can see improvement. Eventhough the treatment is effective, it has not only severe side effects but as all oral medications, it also looses more than 75% of its strength in the process. Higher dosage of fumaric acid will lead to more side effects.

natural products for treatment face body psoriasis.

Eventhough, the technology of administration (oral ingestion) remained mostly the same till now. One well established, yet incompletely developed delivery mode has been topical creams and lotions, primarily utilized in cosmetic applications. The great barrier to wider application of such a pathway has been the structure of the skin itself, which has proven impermeable to a wide range of compounds, most notably the class of molecules know as “water soluble”. This limitation has so strongly influenced perception of range restriction of compound delivery across the skin.

But now, through the research conducted by group of American scientists this border has been unlocked and opened to transdermal traffic of virtually all medicinal compounds. The mechanics of this invention allows to create a triple emulsion that creates an unusually stable matrix into which nutrient compounds can be fed. The emulsion was named “Liquid Crystal”. This refers to the creation, through the “microencapsulation” of molecules of the active ingredients in the emulsion, of actual liquid crystals in a state of stable suspension. This special physical configuration has the effect of making large molecules behave, in relation to the skin barrier, as though they are “smaller”, and allowed to cross what would otherwise prevent penetration.

An important aspect of this technology is the efficiency factor. Active ingredients can target the problem areas directly instead of going through digestive system, as oral medication, loosing more than 75% of its strength in the process. In other words, “Liquid Crystal” allows for great reduction in dose levels of any given substance compared to oral administration in our case – level of fumaric acid in psoriasis treatment. Reduction of excess compounds of any kind, even biologically compounds, is always the soundest medical approach, and becomes imperative when any substances that a person may have sensitivity to is being administered.


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