Hair Mites a.k.a Demodex Folliculorum, Best Ways to Get Rid Of the Head Mites.

Hair mites live on the scalp, it can hide deep inside the hair follicles. The size of an adult hair mite just 0.3 mm – 0.4mm. This skin bug have good digestive system, feeds on sebum oil (skin fat). Hair mites don’t tolerate the day light. This is why, it is active at night. People with large number of hair mites feel more itching and scalp irritation during night and evening hours.

Female hair mites are smaller than male mites, it lays eggs inside the hair follicles. New mites are born in 3-4 days, the old demodex die decomposing in the skin pores. The hair mites and demodex in general are harmless. Our immune system can control the population of the hair mites. Therefore, most humans don’t know about the demodex.

If for any reason, you start noticing demodex symptoms on your head, it is good idea to give a call to your doctor. Hair mites need treatment. If left untreated, the mites will breed without control causing infection and possible hair loss.

Demodex mites human treatment itchy scalp hair loss

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