Whether a home remedy or a prescription drug acne treatments are the most sought after by young people.

Acne is a very common and chronic skin disease. It is an inflammation caused in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Acne usually affects the skin on the face, neck, chest, and shoulders, though other areas can suffer from it as well.

It is reported that over 60% of people between the ages of 12 and 20 suffer from acne in varying degrees. Acne is one of those diseases that affect people precisely at an age when they are most sensitive to symptoms of the disease.

Niacin and vitamin A are two vitamins that have a long and successful history in treating acne. Vitamin therapy normally involves taking 100mg niacin thrice a day. In addition, about 50,000 units of vitamin A are taken thrice a day and 400mg of vitamin E once a day. This should typically go on for a month.

Zinc is another substance that can prove effective in the treatment of acne. Zinc is meant to be taken in three 50 mg doses daily. You can find zinc in tablet and capsule form on the market.

A very effective home remedy for acne can be found in your refrigerator in the form of orange peel. Peel and orange, then give a thorough pounding and smashing to the orange peel along with water. Do this against a smooth and flat stone if available. Then apply the resulting “juice” to skin that is affected with acne.

Similar to orange peel, lemons are another household item that can help with acne. Squeeze out the lemon juice and apply it regularly and generously to affected areas.

A third home ready item is garlic. In fact, garlic has been known to produce the same effect on vampires and acne. There have been reports of some really tough cases of acne getting cured with garlic treatment. Just rub raw garlic on affected areas several times on a daily basis. This sort of external use of garlic helps to cure skin spots, pimples, and boils. You may also eat up to three seeds of raw garlic once a day for a month. Garlic is a great blood cleanser.

Mix a teaspoon of coriander juice and a bit of turmeric powder. Another instant home made remedy for acne. Apply the mixture to your face after a wash or shower before going to bed at night. This is very effective in removing pimples and blackheads. You can also use mint juice instead of coriander juice.

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