Demodex mites on scalp and head available treatment and best shampoo.

Studies of the Society for the Advancement of Education proved that 96 percent to 98 percent of people have mites in their hair. Mites function as parasites feeding from their hosts that are usually microscopic bugs that grow from human oils, hormones and fluids from the hair follicle. Surprisingly, 25 eggs can be nurtured in a single hair follicle by a single mite. Though having hair mites was disregarded by many, since it was considered an epidemic, it would indeed make the host very uncomfortable and uneasy having these.

Most common mites living in the human scalp is the Demodex mite. They build their nests in the fatty sacs beneath the skin where hair follicle comes out. Normally, some are unaware that they have mites or would be unaffected if they do know. Their mouth feature is used to bite off and scrape and consume the skin around the hair follicle. Sadly at night, it buries itself further down the scalp of the person.

Since most people are unlikely to notice the presence of these bugs, most of them have probably been already accustomed to the itch. What’s even worst is that they may contribute to black heads and acne. What the Demodex mites do is they bring ill effects to humans but not directly affecting them.

Although some may have disregarded it, it doesn’t remove the fact that it would indeed make the host very uncomfortable and unnerving to be swarmed with parasitic mites like these. Hence, people will really find ways on how to eradicate these bugs. Skin exfoliation and regular bathing may help remove and scrape this creatures but medical treatment is always sought, especially with people who have weak immune system or immune-deficiency syndromes.

A visit to the dermatologist and seek for medical advice as to what exact medication should be treated with the specie of mite is recommended. The treatment is continuously done t home as well until total eradication of bugs is met. It is also recommended to avoid using of makeup products while under treatment.

While the person infected is undergoing treatment, it is always best to check with the partner and other members of the household if they, too, have hair mites. Hair mites can easily jump and fly from one host to another and treatment should be done to all those involved.

Above all else, hygiene is considered to be the top most priority when dealing with mites. They would love to thrive in dirty, oily scalp and multiply faster in scaly hair. With poor hygiene, hair mites easily spread and get nurtured. It shouldn’t get to the point where the mites are already causing serious skin diseases such as acne or Rosacea – skin disease symptom which makes the face turn red and cause swelling with skin sores that is similar to acne. Proper hygiene and skin exfoliation will decrease the chances of acquiring hair mites.

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