Long time ago, when i was a teenager, i found some suggestions on how to reduce pimple redness. It is really fascinating idea even though some authors suggest the opposite. It is suggested that regular application of lemon juice can reduce redness of a pimple. Apparently, the lemon juice has ascorbic acid also known as vitamin C that can make your skin supple, smooth and above all it helps to smooth out the skin color and considerably reduce pimple redness.

In my teenage years, as a result of hormonal changes, i had a lot of pimples, the pimple redness was my main dilemma though as it would stay on the skin long after the pimple was gone. Back then we did not have as much acne creams so i ve used all kind of stuff. As an adult, left with quite a few red spots on my skin left after severe pimples i had tough time to have them reduced and removed.

The lemon juice is what i tried over a year ago and as many people suggest, i used it every day for almost a year. It brighten up my skin tone a bit and the red spots faded away but not completely. I think that the challenge with applying the lemon juice as pimples redness reducer or red spot fader if you will is that lemon juice just isn’t going to impact much deeper skin tissue. Since i had few obvious red spots remaining on my face exactly where i used to have massive cysts. These red marks did not even change color after almost a year of using the lemon juice on my face skin.

After a while i decided to look for other alternatives of using vitamin C to reduce after pimple redness. I understood that in order to be successful i need to find a cream with with vitamin C with deep penetrating properties.

I started to search around for such product. I located Mederma and tried it out for about two month, but the it didn’t do anything at all. After that i made a decision not to give up and try some thing else and natural cream MELT made by Ovante was my next hope. The cream has vitamin C and it is specifically formulated for post pimple redness. I was very please with it as it took about four weeks for my most noticeable redness to start fading. Its been about three month now of regular used and my red spots are going away. I thank you guys for this unique natural product.

You can learn more about natural cream MELT with vitamin c Here.

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