Desperate situations need desperate remedies! Such is the call of situation when you receive severe acne on your face, neck or bottom.

But then, to treat severe acne you need to learn various basic and medical aspects of this problem.

The initial symptoms for all the three types of acne that is mild, moderate and severe acne including blackheads, whiteheads, under skin cysts and pimples, are all the same. The question is how long these unwanted and uninvited guests stay on with you. That too on the prominent part of your face!

Sometimes they may stay on for months, and cause lots of anxieties, besides expenses on treatment! And when they leave, they leave the scars on your face. Many of these scars are permanent and difficult to remove! So, your psychological suffering may continue for months together. Or say, until the scars disappear!

So, the main problem is how to carry on with the damage control exercise, in case of severe attack of acne? The emphasis is on cleanliness. Dirt and oil are the enemies of the skin at this stage. Wash the face two times a day, with a cleanser and hydrogen peroxide. Toxic materials must not find a repository in the skin cells. The causes of your acne may lie elsewhere, but this is one of the most important preliminary steps to control the severity of acne.

Next, your eating habits require a review. Drink lots of water. Your body deserves a thorough flush out at this stage. The chances of infection must be met resolutely. Along with the medication, your consultation with the dermatologist needs to be on a regular basis.

The severe cases of acne require oral antibiotics. Tetracycline and erythromycin are recommended in such cases. Even the best of medications may not give immediate results in the case of severe acne. It may take some months before the severity of acne is brought under control. One vitamin A related drug Isotretinoin has shown the results in this case. For women, hormonal therapies are also used to cure such acne. In most severe cases, Corticosteriod, a strong anti-inflammatory substance is prescribed by the doctors.

Though, the medication may vary from individual to individual. It depends upon so many variable factors such as age of the individual, the skin type etc apart from fixed factors.

Wrong diet and stress are the contributing factors for increase in the severity of acne. But they are not the be-all and the end-all of the problem. But remember, foods that are unfriendly to the healthy growth of your skin, are friendly to the growth of acne.

Another form of treatment for severe acne is laser therapy. So far the Bluelight Therapy meets with the approval of Federal Drug Administration for treating acne. The treatment demands its time. It lasts for 8 sessions, each one lasting for 15 minutes.

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