Face demodex mites, how to oust it from facial skin and eyelashes?

Let me thank you for the great site you have developed!

I just came across it today and was pleasantly surprised with amount of useful information you have here. I definitely want to try your products, as they seem to be magical. However, before I oder one, I would really appreciate your advice.

I am struggling to choose between two creams, what may sound completely different but still – Acne and Blemish Control cream (aka ABC) and Demodex Control. My concern is coming from my doctor’s diagnosis (which is acne) and my personal feelings (which are similar with your description of Demodecosis). Especially, I clearly have this itching feeling which starts closer to evening and affects face area and front hair line. Frankly, I was signing it off to the dryness of the skin and tried to moisturize more. Now, having read your articles on the site, I am more keen to believe it is due to demodex. Plus, my hair started falling out quite significantly. (Not to mention, red pimpes and blackheads on the face).

Said that, I think, I would consider buying Demodex Controlcream, however can i potentially mistreat my skin if at the end it is really acne? Or, vice versa, if I buy ABC – can it harm the skin if I really suffer from Demodex? I know that if I go to the dermatologist again – the answer will be “acne” which is more a cliche in a way, rather than a pure diagnosis. Do you think it can make sense to buy both creams and alternate? Or start with one cream and then move to another? What would be your advice?

Sorry for so many questions, but i truly-trily appreciate your sincere desire to help people with bad skin! Thank you very much in advance!

You give us hope:)


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