Scabies are contagious. You need to speak with family doctor right away if you have scabies symptoms. Only doctor can advice right medicine that can help to kill scabies mites and treat the allergic skin reaction caused by scabies mites. There are different anti scabies medications available. Some are more effective than others, some could have sever side effects if used unproperly, others don’t.

The Lindane is well known name among anti scabies treatments. It is often prescribed to people with mild and severe scabies. If you pregnant or your child is infected with scabies you need to be aware of extremely harsh side effects of the Lindane. Ask your doctor about it if he advices the Lindane as anti scabies treatment.

Lindane can be used to kill lice as well as scabies, however it could cause really serious problems. Safer medicines are available to eliminate these types of skin conditions. Make sure that you only use lindane when there’s specific reason why you cannot use the alternative medicines or if perhaps you have used the other scabies products and they did not help to kill the skin bugs.

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