Itchy lids and Eyelashes Relieve Natural Lotion Stops Demodex Itching.

Demodex mites can affect different parts of human body. The eyelashes is no exception. If you experince demodex symptoms in your eyes: irritation, scaling of eyelids, dry eyes, itching and loss of eyelashes, you need to see your doctor. If you were not tested for demodex before, with simple test, your doctor can determine if you have demodex Mites on Eyelashes.

Demodex folliculorum (Eye mites) is microscopic skin mite that exists mainly on eyelashs and hair follicles. These tiny mites live unnoticed without any side effects or symptoms. Healthy immune system can control the Mites on Eyelashes. Unfortunately, in a number of people who have weaker immune systems, the population of Mites on Eyelashes may substantially increase. The result of this, uncontrolled growth in population called demodicosis.

Treatment of Mites on Eyelashes may take long time. There are different anti demodex treatments available, including: tea tree oil, yellow mercurial ointment, sulphur ointment, camphorated oil, steroids, antibiotics and metronidazole gel or ointment.

Ovante's Eyes n Mites lotion is all natural anti demodex product. This remedy made with essential oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. When applied on eye leads and eye lashes, the active ingredients are deeply absorbed into the skin pores and hair follicles killing the mites. The vitamins and minerals restore the immune system suppressed by eye lash mites. Oils and herbal extracts prevent demodex from returning.

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