Best Over The Counter Cream for Scabies, Safe, Effective, Sulfur Kill Mites, Tea Tree Oil Stop The Skin Itch.

Over the counter cream for scabies with natural ingredients is your alternative to permethrin and other chemicals used in treating scabies. Neem, tea tree and lemon grass oils are effective and safe, natural ingredients that can kill scabies without adverse side effects.

Scabiesin cream is all natural, over the counter product. It was specifically made for treating scabies, eliminating the skin infection caused by scabies as well as preventing scabies from returning. This effective, natural cream has strong blend of essential oils for scabies. Tea tree oil, lemon grass oil, and other natural substances kill scabies without harming, irritating and drying the skin. Besides essential oils, Scabiesin cream consist of several vitamins, herbal extracts and minerals necessary for post scabies skin rehabilitation.

When applied on to the scabies infected areas of the skin, essential oils are deeply absorbed into the skin pores killing the mites. Vitamins and minerals restore the immune system of the skin, suppressed by scabies mites. Herbal extracts of the cream Scabiesin, promote healthier looking skin. Regular use of this natural, over the counter cream prevent scabies from returning.

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