Prevent Acne: Wash Your Face Properly

By Jason Rickard

There are tons of beauty regimens that you can readily purchase from drugstores that can help you prevent acne. The long list can be really overwhelming but if there is one classic and effective way of combating acne, that would be the power of cleaning your face with water and mild cleansers.

Gentle cleansing is really important in treating and preventing acne. It can also prevent further irritation. If you can see that your face shows signs of irritation and reddening, then it could easily lead to breakouts. To make sure that you have a mild cleanser, look for words like “oil-free”, “hypoallergenic”, “dermatologically tested” or “non-comedogenic”. Some mild cleansers could also contain some medications like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which are good components in fighting acne.

There are three types of mild cleansers that you can choose from. These include wipe-off cleansers, mild soaps and water-soluble cleansers. Make-up removers and cold creams fall under the category of wipe-off cleansers. In choosing soaps as cleansers, choose those that say “mild” or “non-drying”. It is also important that your cleansing soap should contain moisturizers to lock on moisture to your skin. Water-soluble cleansers are the gentlest cleansers amongst the three types of cleansers.

It is advisable to wash your face every morning when you wake up and before you head off to sleep to wash the day’s pollution and residues off your face. Do not scrub your face with hard towels, washcloths or scrubbers. Scrubbing is unnecessary because dirt in itself is not the main cause of the acne at all. Be gentle with your skin, not fight with it. You can use your bare hands to gently massage through your face. Remember not to overdo washing, excessive washing can strip of natural oils of your skin and can dry them.

After washing, pat dry your face with a soft towel. Do not rub off the water from your face. Rubbing can cause reddening and can irritate your skin as well. When your skin dries, then you can put on any medication that is recommended by your dermatologists. Even if you were no longer actively using a treatment, cleansing you face properly would surely chase that acne away.

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