Q&A About Demodex mites

Q: Hi, I don't think I have an overabundance of mites, but I have rough, scaly skin that developed a few months ago. Can I still use Ovante anti-demodex producs or are they only recommended if you think you have an abundance of mites? Also, is it recommended to use the face wash daily? I have the shampoo, body cleanser and face wash. 3rd question, can I use a regular (not Ovante) moisturizer after the face wash? 


You do not need to wait until you have an abundance of mites.
It is important to start treatment as soon as possible. The mites multiply with a two weeks life cycle and if left untreated, the condition will deteriorate. 
You should use the Face wash daily, preferably (depending on severity of your demodicosis) twice a day. 
The best and most effective application is at night, before bad. The mites are more active at night, therefore, evening application would have more efficacy.
You should try to avoid usage of any other moisturizers of use Ovante moisturizes (we have specifically made products - moisturizers with anti-demodex properties).
Regular moisturizers block skin pores also, depending on formulation, it may feed the mites

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